Written translations

A classic product, yet one that few companies offer with an added value: in-house proofreading of both language and format before delivering the translation to the client. We also prepare terminology briefings and language guidelines before beginning the translation, and we are ready to implement extraordinary work protocols, such as cultural consultation in advertising documents or typographical proofreading of galleys, once the translation has been delivered to the client. At RC, we let the client decide between an objective or a subjective translation.

For large-scale projects with short turnaround times, we organise working teams supervised by a coordinator, who comprehensively monitors the project to ensure the quality and coherence of the end product.

Sworn translations

Sworn translations deserve special mention. When the document to be translated must be considered a valid legal document to be submitted to notaries, judges, prosecutors, attorneys or public institutions such as universities, registers or embassies, we offer you the best official sworn translators in the country, with their signature and seal that are legitimately recognised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and/or the Generalitat de Catalunya.


For written communication to be effective, the texts must be clearly written and dovetailed with the specific needs of each context. Many companies have in-house staff qualified to write reports in foreign languages, especially Catalan, but sometimes these texts would do well to be proofread for spelling and style.

At RC, we do this at the best price-product ratio. A well-written, elegant text will always be synonymous with quality and contribute to your positive image.

Language implant

A new product tailor-made for today’s needs. Implants or “in-house translators” will always ensure you the utmost confidentiality with the documents you need translated, proofread or transcribed, since they never have to leave your office. Plus, you can keep tinkering with the original document before the final draft, thus making the most of your work time. Language implants can also use any computer programme, regardless of how unusual it might be.

RC is committed to sending you the most skillful professional according to mutual time availability, the topic of the document and the language combination needed (always native speakers).

Language assessments for staff recruitment

This product is designed to meet the increasing demand for staff that is both linguistically qualified and appropriate for the specific job within the company. At RC, we only assess the candidate’s language profile, but we do so rigorously and with the confidence of 47 years of experience.

The levels required will be evaluated in each particular case through five eliminatory phases previously agreed upon with the client.

Custom-designed professional courses

RC will custom-design courses in line with your specific language needs to help you comfortably participate in international dealings in your profession. These courses particularly focus on communication, including oral expression and comprehension.


Our staff, qualified to work in recording studios and with the adapted software, will transcribe your recordings of meetings, lectures and presentations into writing, and will also translate them, if needed.