Simultaneous interpreting

The most comprehensive interpreting for the quickest, most demanding communication.

A team of graduated professional interpreters, with an average of ten years of simultaneous interpreting experience, will translate the lecturer’s speech simultaneously and in real time into any predetermined language (and vice versa) through infrared radiators.

Consecutive interpreting

The most demanding type of interpreting for meetings with stringent protocol demands (VIP press conferences, events with political figures, etc.). It is performed by the same qualified professionals yet costs less than simultaneous interpreting since unlike simultaneous interpreting, it requires no transmitters, receivers, booths, etc.

Whispered interpreting

(also called “chuchotage” or “whispering”)

This is a type of consecutive interpreting in which the interpreter whispers the contents of the talk into the client’s ear, translating it simultaneously. It is a highly personalised, exclusive service for groups of no more than three to four people.

Court interpreting

Official interpreting is used exclusively to certify what is said and translated in an act in which the client wants or has to give official legal value to what is said or written.The sworn interpreter is approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and/or the Generalitat de Catalunya and is fully legally authorised to appear before public officials, judges, prosecutors, attorneys, etc.

Liaison interpreting

The most economical and simplest option of all the types of interpreting, ideal for small events with no protocol requirements. We will supply you with a professional with at least three years’ experience in small meetings or escorting. This service is affordable across the board and flexible (specialised or unspecialised interpreting), and it comes with the same quality guarantee as the other types of interpreting.

Equipment rental

Everything you might need to ensure that the interpreting works smoothly.

ISO-approved booths, radiators, state-of-the-art infrared and digital transmitters and receivers for simultaneous interpreting.

Digital and wireless lecture microphones for your consecutive interpreting. Wireless portable earphones for guided tours with liaison or escort interpreting. In short, an entire range of technology for equipment designed just for interpreting.