Your free consultancy service

  1. How many simultaneous interpreting booths will I need for my meeting?
  1. Can I optimise my simultaneous interpreting budget by making one language passive and thus lowering costs? What is the difference between an active and a passive language?
  1. What type of interpreting is truly adequate for my meeting in terms of the quality-price-service equation?
  1. What type of translation and what quality level will suffice for my needs?
  1. Why should I hire a language implant or request an external language assessment?
  1. Where should the simultaneous interpreting booths be installed in the auditorium currently under construction?


These are just six of the fifteen most frequently asked questions that our clients have posed to us over the past 47 years. At RC, we want to help you question and reflect on your language needs. This is why we offer this service free-of-charge.