Our company

47 years

RC Representación de Congresos is a company that offers language services. We have over 47 years of professional experience with the most demanding clientele. Our continuous improvement programmes and our steadfast insistence on only offering what we do well have led us to develop an outstanding range of language products that are specialised and adapted to each client’s needs.

Added value

Our top resources, both human and technical, ensure you personalised added value. We are always open to collaborative work and respectful of other suppliers.

We painstakingly assign the best professional for each project, so our service is always tailor-made for each client. Our professionals solely work into their native language and are experts in the disciplines and subjects they are assigned.


RC’s team of professionals is the driving force and distinctive feature of our company. All our staff members, both in-house and external, have been personally interviewed, shaping a company where we manage to achieve a high degree of client trust and satisfaction through teamwork and total involvement in each project we accept.

For example, you can request to our Client Care service, featuring the widest range of language products and an optimal price-quality ratio, and making use of the latest ICT technologies to save both time and money.

At RC, we foster competency to help make us increasingly competitive, thus ensuring quality, service and price.


Our clients are our best guarantee and most enthusiastic references. At RC, we always forge close ties with our clients, ensuring them our undivided attention and personalised service. Feel free to ask for lists of clients and projects in your field, gleaned from the different clients we have served throughout our entire history, from 1970 until 2017.